A town full of light, color and sea!

KeramotiTourism with demands will undoubtedly be satisfied in a town so full of life. Indeed Kavala is a town which forms a strong bond with its visitor, which is why other follow on the first. What a visitor understands on a first acquaintance is that every day will offer different scenes and images.

The town's beaches. These beaches have many names ( Perigiali, Rapsani, Kalamitsa, Batis, Toska, Palio..) and stretch along the coast from inside the town itself, their beauty adorning the town for 5-6 kilometers. Each is unique with its own natural features and all are very clean and have been awarded the blue flag by the European Union. Moreover Kavala has one of the most modern sewage treatment plants in the Mediterranean. If time permits visit all of them either for a swim or an evening stroll each time in different surroundings. Perigiali beach lies 1.5 kilometers to the east and Rapsani beach 200 meters from the central Toska Beachhotels. Further afield there is romantic Batis, well-kept Toska, Kalamitsa and Palio which are full of life till late.

West of Kavala. The options open to the visitor farther out of the town are greatly increased if some means of transport is available. Taking the coastal route after 13 kilometers, there is N. Irakleitsa with its large beach, )hotels, campsite and lovely tavernas. The vineyards at N. Peramou, 18 kilometers from Kavala, nearly reach the sand dunes of its beautiful Paliobeach and, apart from the unique beauty which the landscape affords, the best variety of table grapes can be found here. A further 12 kilometers from here (30 kilometers in total from Kavala) along the new Egnatia road, there is the thermal spa of Eleftheron. A summer resort whose medicinal waters are known to be particularly good for gynecological ailments.

Keramoti : an exotic landscape. East of Kavala at a distance of 40 km, on the mouth of the River Nestos, the landscape is indeed rare. The greenery and the large sandy beach together with the small peninsular which juts out into the sea conjure up images of a place in the Pacific rather than the Mediterranean!

Mountain Landscape: a different type of appeal. Up towards Lekanis Mountain the picturesque villages of Palea Kavala (16km), Korifes(23km), Platamon (35km) and Kehrokabos (55km) will entice you with their quaint squares as well as their Kapheneion and tavernas where it will be possible to relax after the trip. The journey in this breathtaking and constantly alternating scenery cannot fail to impress you and make it the main topic of discussion. On Pangeon Mountain, about 44km away, the Byzantine Monastery of Ikossifinissas and the village of Nikissiani will give you another excuse to leave the town and its beaches.


PeramosUndoubtedly there are areas which nature has moulded generously and lovingly with her hands. Kavala and its natural environment is one of these blessed lands and rambles in the vicinity are an opportunity not to be missed.Kalamitsa Beach

WESTERN BEACHES : an azure holiday 40 Km west of Kavala stretch the beaches and picturesque coastline with alternating scenery Kalamitsa (2km) and Bads (3 km) are paying beaches where it is possible to do many sea sports. Toska (4km) and Paho (6 km) have modem tourist facilities, wonderful beaches and lovely dean water. N. Irakleitsa (13 km) has a large beach and open air tavemas. N. Peramos (18 km) with its unusual landscape large sand dunes and vines which produce the well known table grapes and wines. In August and September a festival is held in the area with music and theatre performances. Loutra Eleftheron (3 km): a holiday resort with then-nal medicinal waters. The lovely beaches of Kariani and Offints (40 km) are the first a visitor travelling from Thessalonika will come to.

THASSOS : the beauty of the Aegean

Thassos- AlikiThe lush green island of Thassos lies about 75 minutes away from Kavala by boat and can be reached in half the time from Keratnoti. There are ferry boats and hydro foils daily. The island's beauty is reputed: alternating scenery with rich Thassos - Kiniravegetation and attractive beaches. The island is full of plane trees, Valonia oak trees, juniper trees and pines.

Its lovely beaches have fitting names: Makryamos ( long beach) is 5 kin from the main town Limena, Arhagelos (archangel), Peflcari (with pines), Potos (beverage), Alyki (salt marsh), Kinira, Chrissi Amoudia (Golden beach) and Rachoni (ridged). The island offers a combination leisure activities and archaelogical sites. Kavala was in the past a settlement of Thassos and on the island there are monuments from the period of its prosperity: the walls of the ancient town, the theatre where performances take place in the summer, the temple of Pythian Apollo and the enclosure of the sanctuary of Dionysus with its choriegos monument. The visit can be done in a day.

KERAMOTI - NESTOS ESTUARY: Nature untouched by man

FlowersThis unique natural water habitat is of great ecological interest and many rare species of plants grow here as well as being a site for birds and ... fish farms. A chance to combine ecology with adventure and canoeing on the river.

PANGEON : the gold mountain

This affords an excellent opportunity to find mountainous countryside and forests. With an altitude of 1957m, Pangeon mountain has been well known for its rich gold mines since ancient times. The mountain is hospitable and offers walks and exploratory rambles to the visitor. The forests are the home of many small animals and a large variety of plants and birds which the rambler will be able to observe. Apart from nature lovers, mountaineers and skiers can also enjoy the mountain. Pangeon has organized refuges and at an altitude of 1760m in the Orpheus valley there is a modern ski resort.

ELATIA FOREST: a living paradise

This is one of the most important Greek national parks and is situated in aa mountains. The wildlife is protected and the forest has enormous fir trees. A wildlife sanctuary where many birds have their nests in the beech trees, Valonia oak trees and the rare Norwegian spruce. The unique beauty of this park is an experience not to be missed and the best way to end one's visits in the area around Kavala.


Leisure Activities

Hi Society CelebrationWhatever sport you prefer you are certain to find it in Kavala and the opportunity to practice it in such beautiful surroundings will immediately put you in a better frame of mind. Sea sports and other leisure activities can be enjoyed on nearly all the beaches Yachting(paddle boat, wind surfing etc)

On some beaches experienced instructors can help to initiate you into a new sport. Sailing for one has a long tradition here and there are a number of Nautical and Sea sports clubs. The sail swelling in the wind and attempts to navigate the sailing vessels is a stirring sight but a skill that can be acquired in Kavala.

Tennis, basketball and volleyball are offered in many Tourist complexes while there are opportunities to do many activities up in the mountains. Pangeon Mountain and its refuges can make mountaineering a unique experience while there is a skiing resort in the Orpheus valley for those who enjoy the thrill of downhill skiing and that exhilarating feeling of freedom. The alluring combination of mountain and sea activities can make your Paintingholiday all that more enjoyable.

Whatever type of entertainment you may seek, be it traditional or modern, relaxing or dynamic, intimate chats with friends or deeper Greek Tavernemotional experiences, Kavala can provide a solution. The kafeneion in the port, in the Center and outlying districts offer entertainment throughout the day of all epochs and for all tastes. If time permits you can play a game of backgammon (tavli) and see who wins to pay for the traditional Greek coffee, ouzo or sweet.

In the seaside tavernas under the cool shade and listening to the lapping of the sea, try p the impressive variety of starters and traditional local dishes: stuffed squid (kalamarakia gemista), cuttlefish casserole (soupies giahni), pilaf with mus sels (mydia) and many other tasty inspirations all freshly fished in the area.

All along the sea front the lights of the tavernas and bars shimmer on the water and you can while away the time sipping your drink and listening to good music for all ages and tastes right by the sea. Try out the different venues each in turn and then later on why not a lively club with Greek popular music. Don't dwell on it too much, it's holiday time!


Let's go shopping!

JewelleryIn order to feel at home a visitor needs to become familiar with the marketplace. However, before we proceed to the shopping center it is advisable to get to know first the traditional cultivation's, occupations and products of the area.

The boats, caiques and trawlers come and go in the port and it is possible to see them leave before sunset and then return at dawn laden with their catch. The fish market in Kavala is one of the most important in Greece. Vines and tobacco are also products, which have a long tradition here in Kavala. Vines and well-known varieties of table grapes and wines can be found throughout the area.Grocery

It was the refugees though that spread the tobacco plantations and processing plants. At one time it was the most important economic activity in the town; the presence of the statue to the tobacco worker in the square of the same name bears witness to this as does the imposing building of the tobacco warehouse with its exquisite architecture.

Kavala is also famous for its marble, which is exported abroad and sold widely in Greece therefore our recommendation is hardly necessary. Thassos marble, the whitest in the world, is also a product of the area. Let us return though to our shopping.

FishmongerThe shops in the town

In the little narrow streets near the central square of St. Nicolas you can wander round the little shops with their thousands of Trad. Storewares, ideal for customers with a keen and sensitive eye. There are small traditional shops which give a color of the past and the jeweler's' shops near the port offer gold and silver jewelry shaped in ancient and traditional motifs but also modern designs. The large department stores can be found between Omonia and Venizelou streets and sell clothes, shoes and leather goods, all made in local factories and are exported brand names in many countries.

You will find shopping in Kavala extremely pleasant with modern facilities and all the goods which can be found in the shop windows of the main cities.


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