Vested with a rich historical and cultural past, Kavala has developed over the last few decades its own important cultural present.

Trad. dancePhilippi Festival
Since 1957 it has become the most important cultural event in the town and one of the grandest in Greece. The Festival is held in the ancient theatre during the tourist season (July, August and September) and comprises ancient and modern theatre performances, classical music and dance by performing troupes, orchestras and groups of worldwide repute.

Eleftheria (independence)
A festival organised by the Municipality to celebrate Kavalds independence. It is held at the castle and in the squares of Kavala in the second fortnight in June. There are musical, theatrical and art shows in the open-air theatre of the castle.Sun & Stone

Sun and Stone Festival
The festival takes place 7 km East of Kavala in the open air theatre of N. Karvali. This celebration provides the opportunity for many different cultures to fraternise through their folk music and dance performed by groups of experts.

Eleohorion Festival
The open-air theatre of Eleohorion near N. Peramos (18 km west of Kavala) is the venue for this festival held in August and September. An additional gastronomic feature of the festival apart from the musical and theatrical performances is the free wine from the local vines offered to visitors.

MuseumPotato Festival

This is held in the first days of September in the Lekanis area, 50 km towards the mountains of Kavala and is a popular village fete with gastronomic dishes made from potatoes and performances from music and dance groups. The shows, however, do not stop here. There are religious and other festive celebrations with popular village fetes (panigyri), the most spectacular being during Carnival (Apokries) and on Clean Monday (the first day of lent) both in Kavala and the villages in the area.
All these remarkable activities and facilities combined with Kavala's natural beauties make it the ideal place to hold international conferences and seminars as well as educational and tourist excursions.T.E.I.

Trad. CostumesA final note on the Dimotiko Museum of Kavala before closing this section on culture. The budding, a Neo classical Manor House of the previous century, in which the museum is housed is itself of particular interest. On the ground floor there are paintings and sculptures by important Greek Artists and a wing of the building has been dedicated to the works of the sculptor from Tbassos, Polygnotos Vao (1 894-1965). On the floor above is the folklore museum with traditional costumes, jewelry handicrafts etc. on exhibit.

The visitor will admire the fine handiwork patiently and elaborately designed by the hands of simple ordinary folk. In the same building are also housed the historical archives of Kavala , an impressive record of its modern history and which does justice to this much loved and glorious town.


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