7th International Tournament of KAVALA

13-21 August 1997


Organizers: Friends of Arts and Literature Association, Chess Clubs of Kavala

Place: "Kapnapothiki" Kapnergati sq.

System of the games: Swiss of FIDE 9 rounds

Schedule: 13/8/-21/8/1997

StaringTime: 17:00 (last round 15:00)

Duration of the games: 2hrs/40th move + 1hr for the rest of the game

Rules: All the rules of FIDE

Directors of the tournament: Theodoridis Vassilis, Tsorbazoglou Viron.

Arbiters: Mastrovasilis Gabriel, Papadopoulos Giorgos, Halvatzoglou Kleopatra



Special Prizes:


Cup and medals to the first three and to the fists of the special categories


Entry fee: 10.000 drs

Juniors 7.000,

after of 5/8/1997 the entry fee will be 15.000 drs, Juniors 10.000

Players with ELO 2000-2295 and Chess Players of Kavala clubs, 7.000 drs Juniors 5.000 drs

GM's and IM's free of fee and hospitality as follows:

2400-2445 Hotel (2 bed room), breakfast

2450-2495 Hotel (2 bed room), breakfast and lunch

up 2500 Hotel (1 bed room), breakfast, lunch, dinner


Places to stay:

Hotel Okeanis ( One bed 6.000 drs, Two beds 8.000 drs, Three beds 9.000)

Hotel Esperia ( One bed 5.500 drs, Two beds 7.500 drs, Three beds 8.500)

Hotel Nefeli ( One bed 4.500 drs, Two beds 6.500 drs, Three beds 7.500)


If you want to participate and more info:

SFGT Kavala, Kyprou 16, 65403 Kavala tel: +30-51-222998

Theodoridis Vassilis, tel: +30-51-832451 and +30-51-231737 Fax: +30-51-831004

Halvatzoglou Kleopatra, tel: +30-93-609546, Fax: +30-51-223504

Hellenic Chess Federation, Mr Grivas Efstratios, tel: +30-1-9221 465, 9220972 Fax: +30-1-9221620

email address: eso@compulink.gr or loxias@compulink.gr