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The modern town, completely renovated now and bigger doesn't remind us of the old one. The many wound continuous distractions and adventures have been healed. Few marks now tell of these. like the old school, which Is still being renovated and will house the museum of the town and the field where the sacrifice took place.

The Hospital Kallimanopoulio The School
The Hospital of Kalavryta The Kallimanopoulio Ecclesiastical
Charity Center
The School in Kalavryta

The town has taken its present form since 1970. New roads and squares, playgrounds and schools, beautiful houses and. public buildings, hotels and shops have been made, It is now a self-sufficient town with a Town Hall and Court Halls, a Head OfficePublic Fund Service, Tax Office, Post Office, Hospital, Agronomy Office, Forester Inspection Office, Police Headquarters, Banks, Telecommunication Service, Veterinary Service, Hotels, while the fine products of the area (dairy products, honey etc) are sold to both local and foreign visitors.

Besides the impressive buildings of the schools, the 'Kaillmanopouleio Ecclesiastical Charity Center constitutes a real ornament for the town. It was founded thanks to the gracious activities of the Metropolitan of Kalavryta and Aegialia Amvrosios, the donations of many people of Kalavryta both living in town and abroad and two benefactors, Dim. Touzios and mostly Per. Kallimanopoulos. This foundation not only does it stand as a model old age Home, but it is also used as a conference Hall and a hospitality Home.

The Town Hall RailWay Station
The Town Hall of Kalavryta The Picturesque Railway Station

The Collaboration of the societies of the people of Kalavryta in Athens and Patra with the active local municipal authorities has greatly contributed to the development and appeal of the district.

The Announcement About Kalavryta Games Room
Home History of Kalavryta Kalavryta Today Interesting Places Map of Kalavryta