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Sightseeing around the area

Agia LavraThe historic and religious monuments as well as the natural beauty of the Kalavryta district are interesting and well worth visiting by everyone.

Agia Lavra Monastery: Founded in 961 A.D. The Revolt against the Turks was declared Exhibition Hall in Mega Spileonhere in 1821 by bishop Paleon Patron Germanos and the warriors, vowed to have 'freedom or death'. In the monastery museum the standard of the Revolt is kept together with guns and pistols (trombonia and karlofilia) as well as costumes the warriors wore in 1821. The skull of St. Alexios, patron Saint of Kalavryta is also kept in the monastery. On a hill opposite the monastery of Agia Lavra, we can see the Panhellenic monument dedicated to the warriors of the 1821 Revolt.

Vouraikos RiverMega Spileon monastery: It took its name from the big cave (megalo Spileon) in which the church of the monastery and some other buildings have been built. It was a resistance center during the Struggle against the Turks. In its museum many religious and historic treasures are kept. In 1943, the Germans pushed 22 monks and clerks of the Skiingmonastery off a huge rock.

The miracle working icon of the Virgin, painted by St. Luke is also kept in the Monastery. Thousanlds of pilgrims gather here on August 15, the assumption of the Virgin day, and also on September 14, the day of the Holy Cross, because a Piece of the Cross of Christ is kept here as well.

Other interesting places, worth seeing by the visitor are the Vouraikos River Gorge (with the unique rack railway), the Mt. Chelmos Ski Center, the Cave of the Lakes in Kastria (15 km away from the town), the Ladon springs (Lykouria), Pausanias vine (Pagrati) etc.

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Home History of Kalavryta Kalavryta Today Interesting Places Map of Kalavryta