1st International Rapid Tournament of
1-3 August 1997


Organizers: Prefecture of Achaia, Municipality of Kalavryta, Municipal Corporation of Kalavryta, Association of Corporations in Kalavryta and the local province, Hellenic Chess Federation and S.E.P.O.K.E. chess club of Kalavryta

Place: Kallimanopoulio Ecclesiastic Foundation of Kalavryta tel.: +30-592-22100
(We thank a lot for the kindly offer of Manager and Metropolitan of Kalavryta and Aegialias Mr. Amvrosios)
System of the games: Swiss of FIDE 9 rapid rounds


31/07/1997: Arrivals of participants and arbiters ------
31/07/1997: Simoultane Match 19:00
01/08/1997: Arrivals of participants ------
01/08/1997: Starting Ceremony 19:30
01/08/1997: 1st Round 20:00
01/08/1997: 2nd Round 21:15
01/08/1997: Simultane Match 22:30
02/08/1997: Church Attendance (optional) 07:00
02/08/1997: Escorting Excursion 09:00
02/08/1997: 3rd Round 17:00
02/08/1997: 4th Round 18:10
02/08/1997: 5th Round 19:30
02/08/1997: 6th Round 21:00
02/08/1997: Simultane Match 22:15
03/08/1997: Church Attendance (optional) 06:50
03/08/1997: 7th Round 10:30
03/08/1997: 8th Round 12:00
03/08/1997: 9th Round 13:15
03/08/1997: Ending Ceremony - Prizes 14:30
03/08/1997: Departure ------
03/08/1997: Departure of the Bus to Corinthos 15:30
03/08/1997: Traditional Dances 21:00

Duration of the games: 30minutes for the game

Rules: All the rules of FIDE

Director of the tournament: Razis N. Nikolopoulos P. Sellas B. Athanasopoulos P.


Special Prizes:




Boys or Girls(U14)

Local Players

  1. Kalavryta Province 20.000 + Chess Book
  2. Kalavryta Province 15.000 + Chess Book

Medals to the older or the youngest player to tthe very numerous team, to the arbiters to the manager and official persons.


Entry fee: 5.000 drs (till 15/07/1997)
After of 15/07/1997 the entry fee will be 7.000 drs and 5.000 drs (for the juniors and local players)
Free fee for invited players (16) and full hospitality (hotel, food and traveling expenses 20.000 drs)


Special prices for the checkers to the following hotels:


Restaurant - Tavern "The Australian" (Central Square of Kalavryta) tel.: +30-692-23070
Special prices for teams lunch/dinner. 2.000drs per person

Social - Tourism

All the participants and all the visitors or friends of them may used the very modern staff of the playing hall KEDIK. Free excursions and escortin to great places of our country (Saint Lavra Monastery, Great Cave Metropolis of Kalavryta the historic place of execution, monument of heroes of revolution 1821 e.t.c.) all free and in different languanges: Greek, Italian, English, and Servian.
We have also plan: various simoultane matches to different villages of our province ( Kertezi, Kouteli, Aivartzi, Skepasto e.t.c.)

Special Services

Internet Office
Refreshment stands
Book Exhibition
Translation center
Phone operation center

Useful Phones

Hellenic Federation: +30-1-9221465 & 9220972
SEPOKE: +30-692-24084 & 23817
Buses: +30-692-22224
Rail Depot: +30-692-22245
Police: +30-692-23333
Hospital: +30-692-22222 & 22724

If you want to participate and more info:

To Mr. Razis +30-692-22276
Hellenic Chess Federation, Mr Grivas Efstratios, tel: +30-1-9221 465, 9220972 Fax: +30-1-9221620
email address:
eso@compulink.gr or loxias@compulink.gr