7th International Tournament of CHANIA
"The Battle of CRETE"

3-11 September 1997


Organizers: A.O. KYDON Chania, O.F.S. Chania

Co-operation: Municipality of Chania, Hellenic Chess Federation

Place: Hotel Santa Marina

Directors of the tournament: Kouvatsos Sakis, Darmarakis Giannis, Tsarouhas Kostas, Adontakis Giannis, Patsourakis Giannis, Stavrianakis Nikos.

System of the games: Swiss of FIDE 9 rounds

Schedule: 3/9/-11/9/1997

StaringTime: 12:00 ( last round 09:00)

Duration of the games: 2hrs/40th move + 1hr for the rest of the game

Rules: All the rules of FIDE



Special Prizes:


Free hospitality (2 beds room) for players up of 2500 ELO.

Hotel to stay:

Santa Marina (8km away from Chania) 8.500 drs + breakfast

If you want to participate and more info:

To Mr. Kouvatsos +30-821-27798 daily 09:00-12:00 and
Mr. Kapelentzis +30-821-27348 daily 18:00-21:00
Hellenic Chess Federation, Mr Grivas Efstratios, tel: +30-1-9221 465, 9220972 Fax: +30-1-9221620
email address: eso@compulink.gr , loxias@compulink.gr


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