OF ANO Liosia


The municipal corporation for the denelopment of Ano Liosia (DEADAL) as "pure" municipal corporation since 1988 is in charge of a committee and has as a main aim the denelopment of the area.
This corporation internene to the problems which concern the social, cultural, athletic eduational and recretional sector. The activities of (DEADAL) refer to the citizens of Ano Liosia and sometimes have panelinic and international acceptance. Many people interested in activities which our municipal corporetion offer.

This is very important for our city especially nowadays which faces many problems.


The intervene of (DEADAL) in social sector trough its activities help to the development of the area and fingt againt unomployement. For this purpose has already set up the Centre of Professional Information (C.P.I.)

Information in details :


- The C.P.I. has good relation with the employers of our area and enlist the unemployments with the purpose of becoming closer to the supply and demand of workmanship. Every individual can find all the announcement and andvertisements about public and private jobs.

- The C.P.I. provide to the people who are concerned the support and help and it also prepare them for their presantation to the employers. (biography, interview with the employers)


For the young people who interested :

To see if the jobs suit to their personality etc.
Those people who are concerned about occupations can meet career advisers who are capable to help and give information to them in the department of C.P.I.


The municipal corporation for the development have the experience to create social programs so as to prevent the problem of unenploment. The C.P.I. also collaborates with other institutes with the aim of accomplishing these programs



Basic aim
The improvement of social life conditions with specific programs for the schools, families and labour places. The awarness of people for social problems which our society faces.

The accession of our municipality into European and international initative as :

The (S.W.O.) can support people or families who face problems such as stress, relation problems, communication problems. It can also help people who suffering from AIDS, disabled people, people who are in need. Our municipality also take part in programs such as "the hospitality" of yugoslav children. Our collaboration with the governent European services and organazations aim to exchange views and experiences on social sudjects.


The municipal corporation of Ano Liosia have set up the department of music school :

The municipal music school which is approved by the ministry of culture offer all kinds of musical instruments such as piano, violin, clarinet, harmonium, horn, flute, ghitar, etc. Lessons based on music theory, harmony, countrpoint, fugne, music history, byzantine music, ORFF system and choir.
There is also a dance department which offers ballet performances, rhythmics, etc.

And the department of plastic arts :

The municipal corporation for developameet of Ano Liosia give the opportunity to the students to learn about aestnetic, the history of art (on video), the colours, the manufacture of recycling materials, sketch, masks of paper - pulp, sculpture and free - hand sketch.
The studio of st. George helped talented children to the plastic arts with the result of they successful entrance to the art school.
The lessons begin in september in our studios.
The "masterpices" of the childrens are put on puplic view every year in " Melina Merkcuri" hall during our cultural celebrations in May.

And the department of chess :
We are pleased to announce that the municipality of Ano Liosia has for the past eight years undertaken the organization of a major cultural event with the international chess tournament in which more than 150 greek and foreign players (from is different countries) take part.
We would like to welcome you to this great event.
The municipal corporation for the development of Ano Liosia trough its chess department have concentrated in sensitazing the youth of Ano Lossia in this intelectual sport thus providing them with the quality outlet in this crucial character forming period of their life.
The main aim of our efforts is to enable our young chess players to play with and measure themselves against the players of international calibre who participate in the tournament thus gaining usuful experience.
This activity is part of development policy of this municipality. We believe that our intervention in society culture and infrastracture work is one of the basic combonets of the work for the development of our area and has to be pursued simultaneously in all three fields.
Our dedication of the institution of the international chess town in the fight against drugs addiction which affects the most sensitive part of our society is not just a way of dealing with a problem but essentialy a means of prevention.
We believe our aim would have been achieved if we managed to keep even one young person away from drugs.


In this sector the participants are more that any other activity :

The municipal corporation also includes the department of athletic whitch offers basketball, volleyball, football, Graeco - Roman wrestling, Karate, gymanastic, tennis and swimming.
All these sport activities take place in modern courts and gyms. Our municipality had gained 15 gold medals, 17 silver medals and 6 bronze medals in the Greaco - Roman wresting.

8 of our athlets participate in the national team of wrestling. The bascet team (men) is in the 3rd national category and in the bascet team (women) of is in the 1rst category of Athens.

The team Volleyball team is in the 2nd category of Athens. Our Football team is in the 1rst category of EPSA'S championship.


The municipal corporation for the development of Ano Liosia has already set up municipal refreshments rooms named Perneri and Borino which offer enjoyment and pleassure to the habitans of the area.