Gary Kasparov's Profile

Gary Kasparov was born in the year 1963 (April 13) in Azerbaidzhan (Baku). He begun playing chess at the age of 5 and he learned chess at first from his father, who died when Gary was seven years old. He attended the Botvinnik School since the age of 11 and at age of 12 Kasparov won the Azerbaijan championship and the USSR junior championship. In Daugavpils, (1978) he became the youngest player ever to qualify for the finals of a Soviet Championship finished 9th out 18 participants. One year after he won his first international tournament, in Banja Luka ahead of Petrosian, Adorjan, Smejkal and Andersson, scored 11.5/15 !

In the year 1980 he won the Junior World Championship and became grandmaster. In the next year (1981) at age 18 he earned the U.S.S.R. championship. In 1982 he won victories in Bugojno and the Moscow Interzonal and at the same year became a candidate for the world championship. and after 2 years he eliminated Beljavsky, Kortchnoi and Smyslov in Candidates, and he won the right to challenge the world championship against Anatoly Karpov. The first match against A. Karpov, staged in Moscow in 1984 and was stoped after 48 games and over 4 months of play with the score standing at 5-3 in favour of the defending Champion, Karpov. At that point FIDE President Campomanes intervened and ordered the match to be stoped, while a new contest was scheduled to take place half a year later in Moscow, under a game limit of 24 games to be played with the Champion retaining his title in case of a tie.

Moscow 1985

Kasparov 10,50,5000,50,50,50,50,510,50,50,50,510,50,510,50,500,5113
Karpov 00,50,5110,50,50,50,50,500,50,50,50,500,50,500,50,510,5011

Another exciting duel between the two players, featuring a great Karpov comeback by scoring three consecutive wins in games 17-19. The Champion kept his head though in the closing phase of the match, and with it, his title.

London/Leningrad 1986


In the year to come he would have to accept the challenge of the next winner of the Candidates' cycle, which - quite unsurprisingly turned out to be Karpov, once more.

Seville 1987


High drama in the finale of this titanic contest, when Karpov managed to win the twenty third game of the match, thus coming within only one draw before reclaiming the World title. Kasparov found himself in the same position Karpov was in at the closing of their 1985 duel, in need of a win in game 24 in order to tie the score and retain his title. He kept his cool and succeeded in winning that final game, thus retaining his World title for another three years. Karpov won the Candidates' cycle that followed, gaining the right to challenge the Champion once again.

New York 1990


When Karpov failed to qualify to challenge Kasparov for the world championship in 1993, Kasparov and the British challenger Nigel Short broke away from the FIDE. This match proved to be a no contest for Kasparov. The match was organized under the governance of Professional Chess Association (PCA). In the other side F.I.D.E. organized a championship match between Karpov and Dutch grandmaster Jan Timman (winner was Karpov). After that there are two World Champions ! One F.I.D.E. Champion ( Anatoly Karpov ) and Second P.C.A. ( Gary Kasparov ).Both claimed the title of world champion..

London 1993

Kasparov Gary10,5110,50,510,510,50,50,50,50,5100,50,50,50,512,5
Short Nigel00,5000,50,500,500,50,50,50,50,5010,50,50,50,57,5

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