Mikhail Moiseyevich Botvinik

17/08/1911 - 5/05/1995

One of the greatest players of all the time is dead.Mikhail Botvinik was a chess giant, without him the chess World would have been different. An iron logician that his style inspired all the modern chess players.

He took the Championship of U.S.S.R. in: 1931 1933 1939 1941 1944 1945 and 1952.In 1948 became World Champion until 1957 that defeated by Smyslov, after he won the title back until 1960 that defeated by Tal.He won the world title back again until 1963 that lost the world title by Petroshian fo ever. He was a great trainer, a real master, that prepares the winning way of Kasparov.His chess academy was model for other chess academies in Russia.

Botvinik was an unusual man.He never smoke or drank he also never played "blitz" (only once in 1929!). He prefer lonely quite life and kept himself physically fit. He believed about "scientific" preparation and chess psychology. Communist until the end of his life was against the political way of Boris Yeltsin.

At his last times of his life he attended the Central Chess Club on Gogol Boulevard almost every day,aided by his nephew Igor Botwinnik and supervised the work on his chess playing program.

Mikhail Botvinik was a genius checker and a great man and we 'll keep him in our heart forever.

Some tournaments he won:

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Some Great Inspirations