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Chess Over the World 2002

International  Tournaments


Reggio Emilia

Hastings Congress 2002-2003

Rilton Cup

Harmonie 2002

Match of the Champions

White Tower 2002

Pamplona 2002

World Junior Championships

Bali Hotel International Tournament
Los Inmortales
2nd Balkan Individual Champs
Spanish Team Chess Champs
Israeli Championship

German Chess Championship

Four Nations Chess League

Files reveal FBI feared chess prodigy Bobby Fischer was recruited by Soviets

35th Chess Olympiad Bled 2002

British Rapidplay

World Youth Chess Champs 2002

Corsica Masters

Christodoulos Banikas Champion of Europe!

Bad Wiessee

Kramnik vs Deep Fritz

World Cup 2002

Cap d'Agde

Match of the three generations

Essent Tournament

Gelfand vs Bacrot

EUROPEAN CLUB CUP, 22-28 September 2002, Kallithea, Chalkidiki - Greece

Milk 2002

11th Monarch Assurance Isle of Man International

Match of the Century - Russia vs Rest of the World

French Championships

Germany vs Greece

Polgar vs Macieja

The Icelandic  Champs 2002

Kasparov vs Deep Junior postponed

Chess Classic Mainz 2002

The Battle of the Babes , David Howell vs Alexandra Kosteniuk

Lost Boys Tournament 2002

Biel International Chess Festival

Montreal Int. Tournament

Dortmund 2002

British Chess Championships

Korinthos 2002

Ikaros 2002

Dutch Champs '02
Julian Borowski Tournament - Essen
Moscow World Grand Prix 2002
3rd Euro Individual Women Champs
Rapid games in Korinthos
Kramnik vs  Fritz 7
Russian Team Championship
52nd Russian Women's  Champs

59th Men's Polish Chess Championships

37th Capablanca Memorial

Croatian Cup 2002

Dutch Team Cup - Finals

Leonardo di Bona International Open

Mors International 2002

Praha Open

Cat IX in Sao Paulo

27th Seville Open
Corus 2002

Mitropa Cup 2002

Pula Open 2002

Turkey-Bulgaria Chess Summit 2002

Championships of Uruguay
Goodricke 2002
The 1st On-Line Chess Championship in Greece
Canadian Closed and Zonal Chess
FIDE World Cup in U.A.E. - Dubai
The Reunification of the Chess World (A joint proposal from the Einstein Group )
Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meeting 2002  - Announcements
Reykjavik 2002
Amber Tournament, Monaco 
Linares 2002
Danish Championship 2002
Cappelle La Grande 2002
Petrov Memorial
Einstein Match  3.5-0.5

10th Open Internazionale Valle d'Aosta

FIDE Grand Prix 2002

Austrian Team Championships 2002

Argentine Championships

Donald Byrne Memorial

Cannes Open

Victor Ciocaltea Memorial

Copenhagen CU 75th Anniversary 2002

Finnish Team Championships

Jersey Open

Medellin Tournament

9th Open Metalis

National Open

Polish Women's Championships

Russian Junior Championships (Under-20)

Serbian Championships 2002

Varsity Match

Wroxham Masters

Zwolle Open Weekender

NAO Chess Master's

Aeroflot Open 2002

Open International Women's Chess Tournament "APHRODITE" | Alternative site @blackqueen.net

Hannes Stefansson vs. Nigel Short

The U.S.A. Championships

7th Casino HIT Nova Gorica Open

Cote d'Azur Masters

CMA Futurity

109th New Zealand Chess Championships

18th Skopje Open

54th Yugoslavian Youth Champs

2nd Unilog Integrata

6th Bad Zwesten Open

7th Casino HIT Nova Gorica Open

13th Asian Cities

Aubervilliers Open

Australian Championships

Bermuda Tournament

24th Bulgarian Open

Copenhagen CU 75th Anniversary 2002

Antalya's European Grand Prix

Gausdal Troll Masters 2002

Indian Championships

12th Paul Keres Memorial Rapid

Ljubljana Chess Club 90th Anniversary

V Malaga International Open

Montecatini Terme



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