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Chess Over the World 2001

Greek Summer '01 - Chess Tournaments Special Events

International  Tournaments

Ikaria Island, 7/7-15/7

Deep Junior 7.0 vs Hristodoulos Banikas

GM Banikas Hristos, 23, is the reigning Greek champion, and has in the past won the championship in the under 12, under 16 and under 20 sections. On June 13-14 he played four games (24 min + 10 sec) against Deep Junior in its latest 7.0 incarnation. It was an exciting event that could have gone either way. But in the end the computer prevailed and won the match 2.5-1.5

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Patras, 18/7-26/7
Korinthos, 27/7-5/8
Chania, 6/8-12/8
Nikea, 18/8-26/8
Kavala, 21/8-29/8
Glyfada, 31/8-8/9

World & Euro Championships

Euro Champs U20

WGM Anna-Maria Botsari broke the record in simoultaneus play that held by the Chinese player Ye, at 28/02/2001 12:45 she played against 1102 players in 29 hrs!

Now, Anna-Maria Botsari should be mentioned in the Guiness Book of Records, printed in millons of copies all over the world. Event's page >>>

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World Champs U20
  15-30/8, Peristeri
Euro Champs U10-18
  30/8-9/9, Chalkidiki
Euro Club Cup
  22/9-30/9, Rethymno

FIDE World Chess Champs 2001


Alexandra Kosteniuk - Zhu Chen tie-break match
Zhu Chen is a new World Women Chess champion!!!


WOMEN - Final
Day 1, 08/12/2001, Kosteniuk, Alexandra (IM)(RUS) - Zhu, Chen (GM)(CHN) 1-0
Day 2, 10/12/2001, Zhu, Chen (GM)(CHN) - Kosteniuk, Alexandra (IM)(RUS) 1-0
Day 3, 11/12/2001, Kosteniuk, Alexandra (IM)(RUS) - Zhu, Chen (GM)(CHN) 0-1
Day 4, 13/12/2001, Zhu, Chen (GM)(CHN) - Kosteniuk, Alexandra (IM)(RUS) 0-1
Tie Break, 14/12/2001
1. Zhu, Chen (GM)(CHN) - Kosteniuk, Alexandra (IM)(RUS) 1-0
2. Kosteniuk, Alexandra (IM)(RUS) - Zhu, Chen (GM)(CHN) 1-0 
3. Zhu, Chen (GM)(CHN) - Kosteniuk, Alexandra (IM)(RUS) 1-0
4. Kosteniuk, Alexandra (IM)(RUS) - Zhu, Chen (GM)(CHN) 0-1

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Women: Round 1 | Round 2 | Round 3 | Round 4 | Round 5  | Round 6 >>>

View the games (Java Applet) | Get the Games (Rounds 1-6 Tie breaks included - 394Kb) or round by round | Men Finals

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Johann T. Jonsson Memorial

World Youth Championships in Oropesa

ECC in Groningen cancelled

Balkan Individual Chess Championships

European Team Championship 2001

KLOMPENDANS Tournament Amsterdam 2001 - Ladies vs Veterans 24.0 - 26.0

Corsica Rapidplay Open

Alexei Shirov vs Oscar De la Riva - Blitz Match
III ShakkiNet International
Norwegian Team Championships - Finals
The Mayor's Cup

Mainz Chess Classic

12th Ljubljana Open
Indian Championships
Dutch Championships 2001
Costa Rican Championships  
Clichy 2001  
Batumi Open
Andorra Open
43rd Portuguese Teams Championships
IV Vila Real de Santo Antonio  
6th Stuttgart Open  
Pula Open 2001  
Lithuanian Championships  
Dutch Team Championship Play-Offs 2001   
Siberian tournament   
Alexei Shirov vs Bartlomiej Macieja    
Podlehnik GM Tournament   
Mirabal Rapidplay    
Le Grand Prix d'échecs du Sénat    
French Team Championships    
Cutro International Tournament   
Capablanca Memorial   
Open Letter from Kasparov, Karpov and Kramnik  | And the answer ... (Anand, Shirov and Khalifman)
Ikaros Chess Festival 2001, 3/7-16/7/2001, Agios Kyrikos, Ikaria island, GREECE
1st International Tournament in Antalya of Turkey
10th Amber Blindfold and Rapid Chess Tournament
Cannes World Cup of Rapid Chess
Linares 2001
XII. International Chess Festival CZECH OPEN 2001
3rd Bydgoszcz International Chess Festival    
2nd European Women's Championships    
Oceana Zonal 3.2b
Zone 3.2a Championships  
Championships of Uruguay  
Dos Hermanas GM Tournament
4th Tanta Open  
GM Tournament Rijeka  
Hampstead GMs  
Dubai International Open Tournament  
3rd International Rector Cup  
Yugoslav Chess Championships (56th Men's and 54th Women's Champs)  
Ukranian Women's Championships  
II Internet Chess Tournament "Ciudad de Dos Hermanas"   
32nd Mar del Plata Open  
Danish Championships 2001  
19th Metz Open  
7th Werther Open  
Bled Open
Jakarda Tournament

58th Men's Polish Chess Champs

1st Pinamar Masters
4th WIM Rijeka Tournament
Spring Alushta   
49th Bulgarian Women's Championships   
Cappelle la Grande
Malaga Open  
Las Vegas Open
Ivan Zanic Memorial  
Victor Ciocaltea Memorial
Adams - Tkachiev Rapidplay Match
Finnish Team Championships
Mechanics Institute
Tel Aviv International Chess Tournament
76th Hastings Chess Congress

Keres Memorial Rapid Tournament

Alexei Shirov vs GM Simen Agdestein Radisson SAS Challenge Match
Cadaqués Computer Tournament
Mario Covas Tourn.
5th Un. Insurance Tournament
12th Goodricke
Millennium Chess Festival II
Bermuda Open 2001
9th Aosta Valley
Ubeda Open
Internet Event
Uruguayan Champs 2001
Kyiv Tournament
Bermuda 2001
6th HIT Open 
Aubervilliers Speed Tournament

Bundesliga 2001

Reggio Emilia 2001

Israeli Champs

1st Darmstadt International

Rilton Cup

4NCL 2000-2001

Australian Open '01

Vasily Smyslov celebrates his 80th birthday
The ODYSSEY 2001
Benefit night of V. Korchnoi, Saint-Petersburg, 20-22.03-2001
U.S. vs. China Summit Match - Celebration of the Mind
14th Ciudad de Leon
Chess Festival "Easter in Rethimnon 2001"
European Junior Championship 2001 in Patras
Wijk, Dortmund and Linares organisers unite in rejecting approach by FIDE COMMERCE
Karpov To Tour Mideast
Chess kids match wits
Kids check out chess
Is it the end of the tradition?" Interview of Garry Kasparov
FIDE Commerce International Ltd signed a contract with Octagon Sponsorship Consulting Ltd Corporation
Russian Celebrities Urge Putin to Back Arrested Official
Korchnoi-Ponomariov Match
Chess Match - John van der Wiel - Rebel 11.0
Kramnik won the match against Leko 7-5!
FIDE Announcements: New time control
Wijk aan Zee - Corus 01



Highlights from Ano Liosia Tournament


Pamplona 2001

Greek Men Championships (Play offs)

Hellenic Cup - Final Four, Levidi - Arcadia

Botvinnik Memorial - Moscow, Columnar Hall


Halkida Open
Bad Wiessee
U18 European Team Championships
SmartChess.com International
Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament
Zone 2.4
29th World Open
White Nights
Czech Open  
Continental Open in Las Vegas
29th World Open
Swedish Championships
Smith & Williamson Young Masters
Scottish Chess Championships
Politiken Cup
Milan Vidmar Memorial
Milan GM, The "Trofeo Intel® Pentium® 4"
Hotel Lippa International
Belgian Championships
16th North Sea Cup

Essent Chess Tournament

Spanish Teams Championship

Governor's Cup Kramatorsk

Spanish Teams Championship

German Bundesliga

The 4NCL

SmartChess International

5th World Chess Team Championship

European Club Cup Rethymno, Crete

FIDE World Chess Champs 2001 (Qualification lists for WCC 01)

Monarch Assurance

Panormo Open

Anatoly Karpov Join World Championship

Najdorf Memorial - Karpov's Victory

Circular on time control to be used in Moscow

FIDE World Chess Champs 2001 (Announcement)

Bulgarian Team Championship

Match Europe - Asia, Batumi 16 - 20 September 2001

China - Russia Chess Summit  

Kramnik vs Deep Fritz: Match to be delayed until early 2002 in respect of the tragedy in USA

Armenian Champs 2001

Fischer Cited As Internet Chess Player
World Junior Chess Championship 2001
3rd International Tournament of Glyfada

Bad Wiessee announcements


British Chess Championships

9th International Tournament of Nikea 2001

Europe - Tartarstan Match

18th World Microcomputer Chess Championships

European Youth Championships, Chalkidiki - Hellas

Chess Champs Decline World Match
Lostboys Open 2001
Frankfurt Chess Tigers  (Anand vs Kramnik)
Karpov, Kasparov and Kramnik will face in December?
15 July 2002: Dortmund to host Brain Games Network Candidates tournament
40th International Chess Tournament Groningen & 3rd European Chess Championship


Biel Chess Festival

European Championship U20 & 3rd International Open Tournament in Patras

The Dortmund 2001

Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament
30th Championship of Teams - A' Category (Greek language)
Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament
Yugoslav Teams
Ukrainian Championships
9th Asian Women's Championships
1st Sea Chess Championships
Zone 2.5 in Mar del Plata  
Villarobledo Open Rapidplay
102nd Annual US Open
Slovakian Team Championships
Rubinstein Memorial
IV Pyramiden-Franken-Cup
Pilsen Chess Festival
Norwegian Cafe Chess Open
Nordic Championships - Bergen Chess International
Moscow Lightning Tournament
Lisbon Open - 1st European Grand Prix
Kladovo Tournament

European Youth Championships

Icelandic Championships
76th French Championships
Bratto Open 2001
American Continental Championships
The announcement of 3rd  International Tournament of Glyfada
Kramnik Defeats Kasparov 1.5-0.5 in two blitz games!
Advanced Chess in Leon 2001
Astana Super Tournament
Merida GM
Chess Whiz Karpov Feted in Moscow
Bosnia 2001
Brilliant Chess Games in Wonderful Chania in Crete
Olympic Capital Young Masters
65th Bulgarian Championships
3rd Julian Borowski Tournament
54th Russian Chess Championships
Viktor Kortschnoj - Anniversary Tournament
BGN Computer Qualifier
Brain Games Network signs million dollar contract
Deep Shredder vs. World
Viktor Kortschnoj - Anniversary Tournament
Kasparov vs Chapman


Estonian Chess Championships
Canadian Championships
Ron Banwell Masters  
Austrian Championships
Abu Dhabi Open
Zonal 3.3
5th Hogeschool Zeeland Tournament
7th Tan Chin Nam Cup
Quebec Open
Paris Open  
Liepajas Rokade Rapidplay
Emanuel Lasker Memorial
Paul Keres Memorial
Hasselbacken 2001  
Dutch Open  
Karpov vs Kouvatsou 



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