The annual Groningen Tournament and Chess Festival will run 19th - 30th December. Rating average: 2651 Category: XVII

The Participants
Karpov, Anatoly 	g RUS 2775  
Kamsky, Gata 		g USA 2735 
Adams, Michael 		g ENG 2660 
Tiviakov, Sergei 	g RUS 2655 
Lautier, Joel 		g FRA 2635 
Svidler, Peter 		g RUS 2635 
Hansen, Curt 		g DEN 2620  
Almasi, Zoltan 		g HUN 2630 
Sokolov, Ivan 		g BIH 2630 
Piket, Jeroen 		g NED 2625  
Leko, Peter 		g HUN 2605 
Van Wely, Loek 		g NED 2585  

Next to the invitation tournament there will be the traditional Open Grandmaster Tournament and other competitions for the lower ratingholders. The opening is on Monday, December 18. First round on Tuesday, December 19. No play on Monday December 25 (Christmas). The final round is on Saturday December 30.

After three months of negotiating, last Thursday Karpov finally said yes to tournament director Johan Zwanepol. The coming of the Russian is possible thanks to the extra support of the official sponsor Beheer Koop Tjuchem B.V., the city and the provence of Groningen and the University of the city Groningen.

Further information can be obtained from tournament director Johan Zwanepol
tel:   ++31 - 50 - 5222637
fax:   ++31 - 50 - 5250155
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