7th International Open Chess Tournament
Ano Liosia 1996


Prefectional Self-Administation of Western Attikis, Town corporation 

development Mucipality of Ano Liosia, in co-operation with Greek Chess 

Federation and Ano Liosia Chess Club "Triantafilos Siaperas".



1-2 rounds                 13-14 January 1996 at 16:00hrs

3-7 rounds                 15-19 January 1996 at 17:00hrs

   8 round                    20 January 1996 at 16:00hrs

   9 last round               21 January 1996 at 14:00hrs

Closing ceremony, awards, Sunday 21 January 1996 at 20:30hrs.

Rules Of Play: 

9round Swiss, 2hrs/40 moves + 1 hour for the rest of the game 

for each player.

Playing Hall:

Municipality Ano Liosia, " Melina Merkouri " demonstration hall.


1st: 350.000drs, 2nd: 250.000drs, 3rd: 200.000drs, 4th: 150.000drs, 

5-13th: 100.000drs 14th: 20.000drs.

Special Prizes:

First Woman: 85.000drs, First Junior: 85.000drs, First Girl: 45.000drs,

First Under 16 Boy: 35.000drs, First Under 16 Girl: 30.000drs.

In case of a tie prizes will be divided equal. If a player qualifies for 

more than one prizes he/she has the right to choose one of them 

Entry fee: 

8.000 drs. FM, IM are free. For invited GMs free board and lodging are provided.

Ano Liosia is located in a distance of about 12Km Nothern to Omonia. The organizers,

provide for all participants free transport by buses, from Omonia square to the playing

hall and back for each roud.

During the games refresments and coffes are free for all players.

Meeting Point - Departure of Buses:

Omonia square (in the center of Athens) / Omonia hotel, one hour before

the start of each round.

Chairman of the organizing commitee: 

Sirmas Alexandros

Chief Arbiter:

Beskos Georgios, Int. Arb.

Further information entries to:

Katsanou Elli, Bakosi Haroula: 0030-1-2474 845-9 (int: 142,149) 09:30-13:00hrs

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