:: Nine questions to Georgios Makropoulos

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Georgios Makropoulos: "We are not making promises ? we are providing results." 
Nine questions to a member of Kirsan's Presidential ticket, the candidate for FIDE Deputy President Georgios Makropoulos.

Q. How did Chess come into your life?
I learned Chess from my father when I was 10. He spent all his free time in a cafe playing with the others. So once it was a holyday and I was prepared to go on an excursion. And my father was about to go to his cafe. But suddenly it started raining and we were kind of "trapped" in the house. And so in order to busy ourselves with something he taught me chess. Just because of the rain.

Q. How can you describe the current role of Chess in your life in a word?
Very important.

Q. Who are your favorite Chess players (among the living and those who have passed away)?
Alekhine, Fisher, Thal. From the modern times — of course Kasparov, everybody would like to play like him. But I also like Karpov although his style of life and playing is absolutely different from Kasparov's. To be added to this list are also Topalov and Anand.

Q. What do you think is the most important event of the last decade of the Chess World history?
That 2005 Tournament in San Luis. We were progressing in the direction of solving the problem we had in Chess for years. Everybody was invited to play there. Not everybody actually came but it did not make it less important.

Q. In your opinion, which achievements of FIDE over the last decade can be called the victories?
The great victory of Kirsan is the unity of FIDE. When he appeared FIDE was in a very dramatic situation. It was almost split. But he came and stopped all the fights.

Now we are facing new attempts of splitting. I mean some methods that the opposition uses to draw federations on its side, rough propaganda and pressing. There is no doubt that we will win. But this separation attempts will leave some scars on the body of the Chess community.

Our team has decided not to ask for support of the players. It is really wrong to involve players in the election campaign. Because thus you divide them in groups and split them. We respect the opinion of those players who have already got involved in Chess politics before. For example, Nigel Short who is very active today or Anatoly Karpov who was going to run for president. But asking the most of GM's for support is really a big mistake of Kok's team. They are splitting the GMs.

For Kirsan winning these elections means to get another chance to preserve the achieved unity in FIDE to secure the conditions for further development.
Actually I did not like very much when at the chessfidelity.com they published an interview of Topalov saying Kirsan will win. Of course we know that many professional players and Chess stars support Kirsan. But it is really not necessary for us to demonstrate their support.

Q. What are the most burning problems of the chess community these days?
Of course there are some burning problems, for example, establishment of an effective marketing department in FIDE. But the most important thing is not to lose the unity once again, because all the other problems are less complicated. And if we go to the state that existed a decade ago it will be impossible to make new achievements.

We should also defend the existing level of democracy in FIDE. Kirsan is well known for inviting even the opposing people to discussions. And this has to be continued, because it is one of the main conditions for keeping the unity in FIDE.

Q. What are the most necessary steps for FIDE in the next 4 years?
We have secured the Topalov Kramnik match and this is just another proof that Kirsan fulfills his promises to the Chess world. But we also secured the next world championship tournament Mexico-2007 with the prize fund — $1,3 mln. Time shows that the new system that we have chosen is wiser and more practical. It is easier to find organizers for this kind of tournaments. So we have already secured the next WC tournament and now we can focus on looking for organizers for the other events. It' s clear that we have 6 very good candidates for the Olympiad 2010. All of them are very serious and they come with the proposals to organize other events like world cup.

So we have to notice that FIDE has already made very big steps to the financial independence. But we also have to look not only for organizers but for permanent sponsorship for FIDE events.

Q. What are the major advantages of your ticket?
The main advantage of our ticket is that we believe in this organisation. And we stand not only for the interests of a few players or a few federations. This organisation was created for everybody and that is why we have to support everybody; and no to allow separations. Our ticket represents all continents, dozens of different federations form all over the world, all races. We do not think that some people or countries deserve to be among the leaders whereas others not.

Unfortunately right now we are facing the situation then a group of federations opposes the rest of the world because they want to take the leading part. They stand for the interests of the minority. And we stand for the interests of the majority. That is why we are going to win.

We are not making promises. We are providing results. And we are devoted to what we do. Kirsan for example gave money for tournaments even when he did not promise to provide the financing. We are always organizing tournaments we never refuse to do it when it is difficult to find money. And Mr. Kok brought separation to the Chess world when in 1986 organized GMA and now it is a collapsed organization. He could not keep it on the run although he made a lot of financial promises. Then he made a lot of promises during the memorable meeting in Prague and, so to say, «disappeared the next day». Not to mention that the Prague agreements inspired by Kok became another attempt of separation because many great players stayed overboard: Karpov, Shirov, Ivanchuk. Kirsan trusted Kok at that time. I told him that he should not do because afterwards he would have «to pay the bill» all by himself. And it turned out that I was right.
Today Kok wants to reorganize FIDE. Why should we believe him?

Q. What is your personal forecast for the results of the upcoming match Topalov vs. Kramnik?
It s a very difficult question. It is known that Topalov is the best player of the last 1,5-2 years. But let's be fair to Kramnik: he is very strong in matches. So Topalov has to prove that he can achieve the same great results as in the previous tournaments. If he manages this he will win.
But for me it is very important that both of these players can represent FIDE at any level.

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