:: Chess in Greece, Myths and Reality

By Mr. Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou

Chess in Greece, Myths and Reality

In our country, sport is substantially connected with culture and mind exercise. Chess is the superb activity that combines mind practice and sport, as it is a wisely structured game that requires so much the ability of prevision and combinatorial thought, just as great reserves of patience, discipline, intuition and courage.

The last 20 years Greece the motherland of Olympic Games is showing a great progress in sports area. Greek sports federations and sports clubs are working in a long term strategic plan for the further development and sports professionalism. The sports programs are funding from Greek state but mostly from private corporate sponsorships. But words are not strong enough as results...

Recent success stories

2004, organization of the most successful Olympic Games
2004, Greek team wins European Champion in football, (Portugal)
2005, Greek team wins European Champion in Basketball (Serbia)
2005, Greek team is sharing the 3rd-4th positions in European Chess Championship (Sweden).

Especially in chess the progress was impressive. The last 6 years, Greece hosts (with no complains), some of the most successful mass events in FIDE and ECU history. Halkidiki, Creta, Patra, Kavala are the most popular venues in Greece where organized European Youths, World Youths, European-Club-Cups, World Compositions Congresses, FIDE Congresses, top players matches and plenty of International chess open tournaments, international school tournaments.

The Greek man national team has achieved some remarkable results. The latest were the 11th postion in the last Olympiad in Spain and the 3rd-4th position in the last European Championship in Sweden. The players consist this team are young Grandmasters who developed their talent in Greece. In the current Olympiad Greek team has also an impressive start with 4 winning games in 5 rounds. Greece now is in the same club with the traditional chess countries.

Today thousands of young chess players are trained all over the country. 300 chess clubs, 1.000 schools and many other places (like libraries) become hot spots for the chess development. Hundreds of trainers, arbiters organizers and journalists are working now in Greece for chess. Only in Thessaloniki 3.000 young students are watching systematically chess lessons!

I would like to invite any chess journalist who wants to make a report about this to come in Greece (as my quest) and walk with us all over the country. Chess is everywhere!

Dear Chess friends,

As a simply chess player I heard and read a lot of thinks the last period. What I have to say is this: here in Greece we believe in Democracy, because simply is the political system that we have produced. We believe in peace and we are against wars, military regimes and actions as the whole of the chess family. We always support human rights and the equality among the nations. We were one of the first 10 countries which consist European Union but the same time we are admire so much all the other modern civilizations.

In Turin the ¨Culture of Civilizations” is present. Many people, many colors but all with the same purpose the same aim, the same voice:

This is the only important,

Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou
FIDE Master
Marketing and Event Manager

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