:: Chess Duel Man vs Machine: Kramnik vs Deep Fritz

Six Game Match from 25.11. to 05.12.06 in German’s Art and Exhibition Hall One Million US Dollars for a win against the world's strongest chess program Peer Steinbrück Patron of the event.

The classical World Chess Champion against the world's strongest computer program: In the World Chess Challenge (WCC) 2006 classical chess World Champion Vladimir Kramnik (Russia) will play a match against the world's leading chess computer program, Deep Fritz (Germany). The duel will take place from November 25th to December 5th, 2006, in the Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany in Bonn. It is part
of an event series entitled "The Culture of Play". Patron of the WCC 2006 is Peer Steinbrück, the German Minister of Finance.

The duel between the 30-year old World Champion from Russia and the computer program, produced by the software company ChessBase in Hamburg, is set for six games. Vladimir Kramnik has the chance to win one million US-Dollar. Specifically: the World Champion can double his starting fee of 500,000 US-Dollar – if he defeats Deep Fritz and decides the six-round duel in his favor.

Asked how he estimates his chances, Kramnik reacted cautiously: "Fritz examines millions of moves per second. It is extraordinarily difficult to play against such a calculating monster. Right from the start you are walking on a very narrow ridge, and you know that any inattentiveness will be your downfall. It is a scientific experiment and I will have to fight very hard for my chance."

The WCC is being organized by Universal Event Promotion (UEP), in cooperation with the Art and Exhibition Hall. "We are very pleased to promote this top class match, which is taking place at such a marvelous venue. In the year of computer science the match 'Man vs. Machine' is a very special highlight", emphasizes UEP investor and match director Josef Resch.

The great chess duels between human and artificial intelligence, played at the highest level, have always fascinated the public. In 1997 former World Champion Garry Kasparov (Russia) lost in New York against Deep Blue. Kramnik, who defeated Kasparov in their world championship match in 2000, achieved a draw against Deep Fritz in Bahrain in 2002, just as Kasparov did a year later against Deep Junior in New York. After years of technical advancement the fascinating encounters between man and machine now enter a new phase: Is man with his strategic abilities able to put up resistance against the brute calculating power of the machine?

Game 1: Saturday 25.11.2006 16h
Game 2: Monday 27.11.2006 16h
Game 3: Wednesday 29.11.2006 16h
Game 4: Friday 01.12.2006 16h
Game 5: Sunday 03.12.2006 16h
Game 6: Tuesday 05.12.2006 16h

During the entire period of the match the Art and Exhibition Hall will offer a varied program. Information: www.bundeskunsthalle.de

In the photo: Vladimir Kramnik in game 3 of the 1st match against Deep Fritz

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