Eurobank, sponsor of Serbian Chess

EFG Eurobank Belgrade, bank-daughter of EFG
Εurobank-Ergasias in  Greece made sponsorship of two best chess players in Serbia, GM Dragan Solak and WGM Alisa Maric.

Press conference with many journalists was organized because Solak played in Acropolis Open in Athens. He said that it was a magnificent tournament and he was happy to take part.

Alisa said that she won’t miss next Acropolis and spoke about connections of Serbian and Greek chess. Manager Director of the bank, Dr. Georgios Lychnos, said that he respects a lot the game of chess and with this sponsorship wants to show traditional friendship between Greece and Serbian people. He will make efforts in the close future to assist possible matches and events for Serbian and Greek chess players together.

Many thanks to Josip Asik for his report and photos