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Organizers' Press Release, 14 June 2004

Top Grandmasters and an exciting system of play at the Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meeting 2004 

(Dortmund, 14 June 2004). The Sparkassen Chess-Meeting 2004 will take place from 22 July to 1 August in the Dortmund theatre. Today, the organizers of the event presented  details of this year’s format in a first press conference.  

Among the players are Classical World Chess Champion Vladimir Kramnik (Russia), Viswanathan Anand (India), Peter Leko (Hungary) and Peter Svidler (Russia) – four excellent Top Grandmasters who are actually placed among the best six players of the world. They try to get the title from Viorel Bologan (Moldavia), the sensational winner of the Sparkassen Chess-Meeting 2003. Sergei Rublevsky (Russia) qualified with his win at the Aeroflot Open in Moscow for the Dortmund Tournament. Also at the start are two young and gifted players: Arkadij Naiditsch (Germany) from Dortmund, who will start in the Super  Tournament for the second time, and the only 14 year old Sergei  Karjakin (Ukraine): at the age of 12 he became youngest Grandmaster in chess history.

For Vladimir Kramnik and his challenger Peter Leko the Sparkassen Chess-Meeting is also the last big tournament and test before the Classical World Chess Championship Match, which will be held from 25 September to 18 October at the Centro Dannemann in Brissago/Switzerland.   

By keeping the Dortmund tradition for classical chess, a new system of play promises an  exciting competition: To win the Super Tournament, the players have to run through preliminaries, semifinals and final matches. The system of play is known from the Candidates‘ Tournament at Dortmund in 2002. In a double round robin system each player will play 6 games. The two winners of each group will advance to the semifinals. The winners will play the final match, the losers will play the match for the 3rd place. Number 3 and Number 4 in each preliminary group will play for the places 5 to 8.

Dortmund is also the first tournament, where players can score qualifying points for the ACP-Masters (Associaton of Chess Professionals) at the end of 2005.

The traditional Open tournament of the title sponsor Sparkasse Dortmund and an art exhibition about chess in the Dortmund theatre show the festival character of the event. Several TV broadcastings are expected.     

Qualifying Round (Rating dated 1 April 2004)

Group 1
Viswanathan Anand
(India); date of birth: 11 Dec. 1969; Rating: 2774
Peter Svidler
(Russia); 17 June 76; 2733
Sergei Rublevski
(Russia); 15 Oct. 74; 2671
Arkadij Naiditsch
(Germany); 25 Oct. 85; 2571

Group 2

Vladimir Kramnik (Russia); 25 June 75; 2764
Peter Leko
(Hungary); 08 Sep. 79; 2741
Viorel Bologan
(Moldavia); 14 Dec. 71; 2665
Sergei Karjakin
(Ukraine); 12 Jan. 90; 2580 


Thursday       July 22 at 14.00        Round 1
Friday           July 23 at 14.00        Round 2
Saturday       July 24 at 14.00        Round 3
Sunday         July 25 at 14.00        Round 4
Monday         July 26 at 14.00        Round 5
Tuesday        July 27 at 14.00        Round 6 (and tie break)
Wednesday    July 28 Rest Day
Thursday       July 29 at 14.00        Semifinal game 1
Friday           July 30 at 14.00        Semifinal game 2 (and tie break)
Saturday       July 31 at 14.00        Final game 1
Sunday         August 1 at 11.30      Final game 2 (and tie break)

Round 1
Anand – Naiditsch                        Kramnik – Karjakin
Svidler – Rublevsky                      Leko – Bologan

Round 2
Naiditsch – Rublevsky                   Karjakin – Bologan
Anand – Svidler                           Kramnik – Leko

Round 3
Svidler – Naiditsch                        Leko – Karjakin
Rublevsky – Anand                       Bologan – Kramnik

Round 4
Naiditsch – Anand                        Karjakin – Kramnik
Rublevsky – Svidler                      Bologan – Leko

Round 5
Naiditsch – Svidler                        Karjakin – Leko
Anand – Rublevsky                       Kramnik – Bologan

Round 6
Rublevsky – Naiditsch                   Bologan – Karjakin
Svidler – Anand                           Leko – Kramnik

The Sparkassen Open A and B

The organizers offer their traditional Sparkassen Open A and B at the Town Hall of  Dortmund, Friedensplatz – which is near the Dortmund Theatre – from  23 to 31 July. The matches begin every day at 11 hrs. More information and registration: Schachfreunde Brackel. Phone: +49-231/2009265 or +49-231/2000560 or the official website: www.chessgate.de

Tickets and Hotel 

To get tickets for the tournament please contact: karten_dortmund@chessgate.de

For booking at a hotel with special conditions contact „Holiday Inn Dortmund City Centre“. Phone: +49-231-5432-00, Code: „Sparkassen Chess-Meeting“.                              

Official website

You find information about the event at the official website www.chessgate.de. Internet users, who want to take part in the live broadcasting of the games, can also registrate at the official website.        

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