:: International Chess Festival "Villa de Bilbao"


• For the first time in the world-wide chess history a group of the best informatic programs will face up to another group formed by the three Great International Masters.
• The Festival includes also this year the VI Open International “Memorial Pedro Zabala” and the II Open of Problems.
• It will celebrated from the 6 to the 12 of October and it will join more than 300 players of 30 countrys from the five continents.

Next month of October Bilbao will be the place of the I Championship in the World of Chess of people against computers, in the mark of the International Festival of Chess “Villa de Bilbao”. The Festival includes also this year the VI Open International “Memorial Pedro Zabala”, considered as the best one-day game of Europe and one of the best in the World. Although, the Festival will rely with the II Open of Problems of Chess, chats-colloquium, cinema club, blindfold chess exhibitions and a Chess Party in which they will do homage to many people that are important because of their contribution to this sport.

So many newness in the annual meeting of Bilbao with chess, because the Festival will last form te 6 to the 12 of October, and it will offer different activitys in some palces of the Villa and it will become in the most important chess event of Europe.
The organization of the Festival depends on the King Ardid Club of Bilbao, dean of the chess in the State and founded in 1946, and wchich has between it members the Great International Master Mario Gómez and the International Master Rafael Álvarez. It counts with the patronage of the Town hall of Bilbao, the Deputation of Biscay and the Basque Goubernament, moreover of Euskaltel, Bilbao Bizkaia Kutxa-BBK, Villa of Bilbao Hotel NH, KMS informatic enterprise from the Basque Country and e4 Promotors, they also collaborated in the Biscay and Basque Chess Federations.

I World-Wide Championship People VS Computers

The biggest innovation will be the Championship I of the persons' World against computers, the first occasion in which there will face a team of programs of computer of the first world level against other formed by three big international teachers, with the guarantee of the ICGA, International Association of Computers Games.

Ruslan Ponomariov, Véselin Topalov and Sergey Karjakin will face throughout four days Junior, Fritz and Hydra. Every day the teachers will measure themselves to a different program and in the fourth day the pairings will be avoided. The sum of the points obtained by every team the winner will decide and it will serve to test again the level reached by the technology compared to the human being.

The Arriaga Theatre of Bilbao the 6th and 7th, and the head office of the BBK in Great Route on the 8th and 9th, will be the head offices of this clash, in schedule of 16:30 h. to 20:30 h., with free entry and with transmission in direct of the games across the official page of the Festival

The human team, three Big International Teachers: Ponomariov (21 years, Ukraine), with 18 years was the champion of the youngest world of all the times. He was champion of the World in 2003. Topalov (29 years, Bulgaria), has just been a semi-finalist in the Championship of the World of 2004 celebrated in Libya. Karjakin (14 years, Ukraine), champion of the world sub-12 and sub-14, is the player of the whole history who younger has acceded to the category of Great International teacher, to the age of 12 years. The team of programs of computer, the highest technological level: Junior, Champion of the World 2004 in Israel the same July. Fritz, (the sub-champion application in the Olympiad of Graz 2003). Hydra, the First position of the IPCCC (International Tournament of Chess Programs) 2004.

VI Internacional Open “Memorial Pedro Zabala”

Open Internacional VI " Brief Pedro Zabala " will be celebrated on October 12, as golden brooch of this Festival, in the Palace Euskalduna and will assemble more than 300 players of 30 countries of five continents. This tournament is considered to be already like the most important of Europe of a day of duration, both for the quality and quantity of the participants and for his organization and the level of the awards. East Open has been also in these first five editions the “Memorial Pedro Zabala”, in memory and recognition of the out-standing associate of the Club King Ardid, already deceased.

The Open counts with next to 24.000 € in awards distributed in several categories: general, for ranking in the International Federation, juvenile, veterans and special awards for the federated Basques, from vizcaya and of the Club better King Ardid classified. During the course of the Open there will be re-transmitted in direct four principal games that are played, by means of an innovative multimedia system. The spectators will be able to see on a great screen the games, at the time that they will listen across a receiver that will deliver them to him at the entry, to the comments about the above mentioned games done by recognized chess specialists. Also, it will be re-transmitted by Internet to the whole world across the official web page of the tournament: www.ajedrezbilbao.com.

The tournament will begin at 9:30 h., being foreseen his end about 7 p.m. h. It will develop by means of the Swiss system of competition, to ten rounds and with a rhythm of game of 15 minutes for player to finish. With this system, the players pair off of beginning for categories and after every round, for drawing, there face those that are provided with the same points; that is to say, the strongest with the strongest. Any fan of the chess can register and face this way some of the best players of the world.

II Open of Resolution of Chess Problems

Integrated in the International Festival of Chess "Town of Bilbao " also there will take place the Contest II of resolution of problems of chess, consisting of the resolution of 40 problems of chess. With this idea that fulfills his second year it is tried to count with the participation of any fan without conditions and to assemble concerning this chess related appointment any that one that wants to happen a little bit agreeably, elbow with elbow with the best players of the whole world, doing so Bilbao turns during these days into a referential appointment into the universe of the chess.

There will be important awards for first classified, with a whole of 6.000 €. Town of Bilbao will be celebrated in the Hotel NH on October 11 from 19:30 h.

Also, on the same October 11 the Festival will be completed by other activities related to the world of the chess: chats - conferences, cinema club, exhibitions of chess blindly and a Holiday of the Chess in which there will be honoured diverse persons who have been meant by his support to this sport.

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