:: Kasparov vs Deep Junior

The famous match between Kasparov and the chess program Deep Junior has been finally scheduled to take place in the New York Athletic Club (NYAC), New York, from January 26th until February 7th 2003.
"The Fide Man vs Machine World Chess Championship", as it is called, is sponsored by FIDE and presented by X3D Technologies Corporation.
The schedule of the games has as follows:
Game 1 - 26/01/03, Game 2 - 28/01/03, Game 3 - 30/01/03, Game 4 - 02/02/03, Game 5 - 05/02/03, Game 6 - 07/02/03
All games start at 3:30 pm EST and the time control is 40 moves in 2 hours followed by 20 moves in one hour then 30 minutes for the rest of the game.
The Prize Fund is $1 million ($500,000 fee for Kasparov,$300,000 for the winner,$200,000 for the loser,$250,000 for each one in case of a tie).
The above mentioned money reward will be a great relief for Garry Kasparov's financial problems with the First International Bank of Israel which is putting a lot of pressure on him since it demands the amount of $1,6 million loaned to his now closed down website kasparov.com

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