:: Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meeting 2003

The event takes place in the Dortmund Theatre from 31 July to 10 August 2003. A double round robin system with 6 GM involved (category 19/20) will be played. Among the six players are Classical World Chess Champion Vladimir Kramnik (Russia), his challenger for the World Title Peter Leko (Hungary) and Wijk aan Zee winner Viswanathan Anand (India).
These players already accepted their invitation. Also, the Dortmund Organising Committe agreed to invite the winner of the AEROFLOT OPEN at Moscow which is supposed to take place from 10th to 20th February 2003. For the first time, Germany's big hope - Grandmaster Arkadi Naiditsch (17) from Dortmund - will have the opportunity to challenge the elite. Another top GM will complete the field.

The time control will be the classical one and identical with the World Chess Championship Match Kramnik vs. Leko: 40 moves for 2 hours each player, 20 moves for 1 hour each player, 15 min+30 sec. per move each player for the rest.  The festival character of Dortmund will not be changed. The organizers are preparing for 2 Opens of different levels, art exhibitions, presentations of chess articles and many more activities.
6. More information for chess players, e.g. concerning the Dortmund Open and other issues could be given from the Tournament Director, Mr. Stefan Koth, via email: skoth17418@aol.com

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