:: The Reunification of the Chess World

A joint proposal from the Einstein Group plc (London) and Madame Nahed Ojjeh (Paris)

Einstein Group (Einstein), the London based multi media group, that owns the einstein.tv television channel, and Madame Nahed Ojjeh today announced their intention to support the reunification of the chess world. Einstein and Madame Ojjeh are looking forward to collaborating with all other interested parties and have developed this proposal which takes into account existing ideas and contractual obligations. The document aims to help ensure that the Prague meeting will be a success.

Nahed Ojjeh: „I am very pleased to work with Einstein and any other party who shares the same aims. The following proposal is an excellent basis to reach the goal of reunfication. After ten years of division a solution is needed in the interest of professional players, sponsors and chess lovers. A reunification of the Chess World will assist in popularising chess and spreading it to schools. Learning chess has been proved to assist in children’s educational development.“

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