Kramnik vs  Fritz 7

Einstein Group the broadcaster and multi media group that owns the international television channel, Einstein TV and media rights in the Classical World Chess Championship today announces it has completed the final agreement with The General Organisation for Youth and Sport (GOYS) in Bahrain for the Brains in Bahrain competition between Classical World Chess Champion, Vladimir Kramnik, and the world’s top-rated computer chess program, Deep Fritz.

An Opening Ceremony on October 2nd will inaugurate the eight-game match, with the games themselves to be played at the Bahrain Mind Sports Centre between October 4th and October 19th. The event will culminate in a Closing Ceremony and Prize Giving on October 20th. Deep Fritz, designed by ChessBase of Hamburg, Germany, will be using an eight-processor machine and is considered by many chess experts to be the strongest computer chess program ever written.

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