Kasparov vs Deep Junior

Garry Kasparov will face the famous chess program Deep Junior in a Man Machine Match in Jerusalem between 1st-13th of October 2002. The match, which is under the auspices of FIDE, starts a few days before the scheduled Kramnik vs. Deep Fritz match in Bahrain on October 4th.

David Levy, the President of International Computer Games Association, mentions:
"This momentous match will test the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence by pitting the world's number one human chess player, Garry Kasparov, against the reigning World Computer Chess Champion program, Junior.

For the first time in history the King of human chess is challenged by a program that is available for any chess fan to run on their PC. The advances made in recent years by the Junior programmers are truly remarkable and I expect the match to be a very close contest.

Although Kasparov has the edge in terms of his great experience and intuitive understanding of chess, even the strongest human players sometimes make oversights that can be spotted by the deep analysis of the best computer programs. Also, of course, Junior will never get tired or feel under stress.

It is partly because of these differences between the strengths of Kasparov and Junior that the match will be so exciting."

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