7th Computer Olympiad

The 7th Computer Olympiad is a multi-games event in which all of the participants are computer programs. The purpose is to find the strongest programs at each of the games, partly as an academic exercise and partly because the competitions are fun. This year's Computer Olympiad takes place from July 5 to 11 and will be played at the Universiteit Maastricht, Maastricht, The Netherlands.

The organizers are planning tournaments for at least 19 different games!
The chess competition of the Computer Olympiad will be a special event, since it is adopted by the ICCA as the 10th World Computer Chess Championship (WCCC 2002).

For each game a 2002 tournament will take place provided that at least two programs enter the tournament for that particular game. The detailed tournament schedule will not be announced until the closing date for entries which is now extended to June 15, 2002. Notification of entry acceptation will be given before June 22, 2002. Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded to the leading programs in each tournament. There will be no cash prizes.

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