The greatest Greek portal site, in.gr of Lambrakis Press Organization, holds the organization of the Union of Cretan Chess Associations under its auspices ALTEC High Technology Association a great sponsor of the Games

“Easter in Rethymno 2001” Chess Festival, which is organized by the Union of Cretan Chess Associations, has received enormous international as well as pan-Hellenic publicity. The Festival is going to be held at LEUKONIKO hotel in Rethymno from the 17th to the 21st of April. A living legend, the former World Champion Anatoly Karpov, as well as the World Girl Champion Maria Kouvatsou are taking part in it.

The presence of the “legendary” Anatoly Karpov in Greece and Rethymno will attract thousands of chess-players and funs of this great mental sport, who are interested in being in Rethymno during these days, in order to admire their idol at close range. The match at which Anatoly Karpov is going to compete against the World Girl Champion and Woman Champion of Greece Maria Kouvatsou has attracted both pan-Hellenic and international interest. Great foreign as well as Greek portal sites have already brought the announcement out, giving the Chess Festival a great publicity; they also refer through links to the special Game site of the Union of Cretan Chess Associations:(http://www.chess.gr/essk).

The greatest Greek portal site, in.gr of the Lambrakis Press Association, which has chosen this unique organization to initiate its entry to the chess field, sponsors such an organization that takes place in Greece for the very first time. The organizers believe that the contribution of in.gr can be invaluable to the spread and development of chess in Greece. This sponsorship could be just the beginning of a mutual course between the great portal site and the Union of Cretan Chess Associations to the organization of great chess events.

ALTEC High Technology Association is a great sponsor of the organization. ALTEC is a leading Association in the world of new technologies, where chess actually belongs. The organizers believe that the know-how of ALTEC Association is essential to the conduct of perfectly organized chess events. They also estimate that the Chess Festival in Rethymno will mark the beginning of a greater and closer cooperation, which will result to the benefit of both this great mental sport and the leading High Technology Association.

“Easter in Rethymno 2001” Chess Festival is held under the auspices of the Sub-Ministry of Athletics and organized with the support of the District of Crete, the Perfectural Administration of Rethymno, the Local Union of Municipalities and Communities of Rethymno and the Municipality of Rethymno. It includes a range of bright demonstrations: primary school pupils aged from five to twelve, who are the future of Greek chess; the best players of Greek chess, who are already members of national teams; the World Girl Champion and Woman Champion of Greece Maria Kouvatsou and, last but not least, the superstar Anatoly Karpov are all going to take part in these demonstrations.

FUTUREKIDS Company and KYDON TV CHANNEL are also, sponsoring the Games, as companies are aware of the fact that the benefits of such an organization are great to its sponsors, since chess is a new market challenging to the field of advertising. And what is more, a market of quality as chess is the most important mental sport.

More than 600 people (chess players, parents, escorts, coaches, and referees) will spend a whole week in Rethymno. A special site created by the Union (http://www.chess.gr/essk) will be broadcasting the Games live. It will also show snapshots from the Games.

The publicity on the Chess Festival has been great. Apart from the portal sites, every newspaper in Athens has made detailed reports on it. In addition, Mass Media are interested in covering the Games.

More and more participants are being registered every day both at the 1st Pan-Hellenic Interschool Championship of Primary Schools and at the International Rapid Chess Tournament, which is a Pan-Hellenic Top Chess Players Championship and a Cretan Championship at the same time. However, what causes the organizers a real – but also pleasant – “headache” is the large number of chess-players that have expressed their interest to compete at the simultanι against Anatoly Karpov. Furthermore, a solving problem contest is going to take place during the Games. Chess books, offered by KAISSA chess center, are going to be the prizes for this contest.

The ones interested in taking part may contact us either through fax (0831-20810) or e-mail (thebest@ret.forthnet.gr).