Wijk, Dortmund and Linares organisers unite in rejecting approach by FIDE COMMERCE

Press Release

The representatives of the organizational committee from the three great chess tournaments: Corus, Wijk aan Zee (Netherlands), Dortmund (Germany) and "Ciudad de Linares" (Spain) have decided in their meeting during the XVIII edition of the "Ciudad de Linares" International Chess Tournament to issue the statement in a connection with the proposal from FIDE COMMERCE LIMITED concerning to constitute the Foundation of the WORLD CHESS GRAND PRIX.

1. The FIDE COMMERCE proposal was thoroughly considered by the three Organizers as not totally in accordance with their main objectives to maintain the level of indepedence of their respective events.

2. We would like to stress our common wish to preserve the actual character of each one of the tournament, according to our traditions and individual criteria.

3. However we are ready to study all possible future proposals by FIDE when aimed to promote traditional chess tournaments and Chess in general. We decided to take a firm committment with each one of us, who are signing this document, to continue working together in finding the most adequate solutions for a prosperity of the Chess Game.

4. The above mentioned organizers will keep grofounding in their efforts to establish even better cooperation among their cities in order to create a stronger link with the Top World Chess.

Linares 6th of March 2001

Mr. Dolf Vos - Corus, Wijk aan Zee (The Netherlands)
Mr. Carsten Hansel - Dortmund (Germany)
Mr. Juan Jose Entrenas - Linares (Spain)