Karpov, Kasparov and Kramnik will face in December?


The alliance between(among) three o'clock 'K' is consolidated. The Russians Gari Kaspárov, Vladímir Krámnik and Anatoli Kárpov will take part in a tilt, in December in Moscow, which will use as honoring to his(its) compatriot Mijaíl Botvínik (1911-1995), excampeón as the world and patriarch of the Soviet chess. The dates, still(yet) without being necessary, will coincide probably with the Championship of the World of the International Federation (FIDE).

It will be a league to quadruple return, with 600.000 dollars in prizes (approximately 111 million pesetas), according to the Dutch Teletexto, which advanced the news without giving any more details. The American Owen Williams, representative of Kaspárov, confirmed to this diary, of very succinct form, which " the verbal agreement is closed, with the intention of signing the contracts in the next weeks ".

The tilt is formidable from the sports point of view, but also it(he,she) deepens the schism of the chess. Judging by Kaspárov's manifestations in the last years, it turns out very improbable that the coincidence of dates is chance. The FIDE has foreseen that his(its) World one begins on November 25 in a headquarters still(yet) not designated; after the semi-finals, which will end on December 12, there will be a parenthesis(bracket) up to the final, from January 2 to January 12.

Kaspárov, Krámnik and Kárpov signed a manifest two months ago to protest for what they consider " an attempt on the tradition of chess ", in reference to the acceleration of the pace of game and to the Championship of the World for eliminating fellings, instead of old man and long pyramidal system. More recently, Kaspárov has supported some contacts with the FIDE and has agreed to play in the duel(grief) Europe - Asia, foreseen for the middle of September. But everything indicates that the contacts for an eventual reunification are still very green.

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