14th Ciudad de Leon

ANAND and FIDE's second player in the World, the Spaniard ALEXEI SHIROV.

Four world top players will play helped by a strong computer and the best chess program, this combination will allow people to see the masters' thoughts and analysis, and to understand the inner battle of ideas through the monitors connected to the computers. This year the model of the tournament has changed a little bit in order to give more emotion and spectacle in the chess battles, 4 games of 20 minutes with 15 seconds added after every move, and in case of a draw, the tiebreak will be in blitz games of 5 minutes for each player. 

It is a new and spectacular formula in order to give more pleasure to the audience, because they can deeply understand the chess battle. A fight to the finish for the tittle and for the attractive money prizes. This model of Chess competition has obtained an overwhelming success in previous years, with access to all kinds of Press media, including television, as it is proved by the mass-media monitoring conducted by SOFRES. 
In the 1999 edition 36 minutes on different TV channels were generated. 

In the 13th edition of Advanced Chess our increase in publicity was really strong, with 143 minutes on different TV channels, so the "Ciudad de León" Chess Tournament 2000 was the most widely known chess tournament during years 1999 and 2000.

This fact clearly demonstrates that this kind of competition is suitable to attract the interest of TV and other mass-media whose support is essential for the spreading of chess. 
On the internet our tournament received more than 20.000 visits on line, and it was retransmitted through TERRA. To sum up, this is a new chess modality, with more fight and delight for all kind of spectators.

Source: http://www.advancedchessleon.com/princi.htm

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