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Dear friends,

The chess division of the Chania Tennis Club and the Chess Academy of Chania in association with the Municipality of Chania and the Technical University of Crete, are organizing for 3rd consecutive year the “Costas Bouzakis” Chess Festival. The Festival is held in memory of Costas Bouzakis, who was the pioneer and driving force in bringing Chania into the forefront of chess in Greece.

Included among the events of the Festival is the 1st International Interclub Junior Tournament at August 21-28th. Each team must consist of 4 (four) players all under the age of 14 (born after 1.1.1987). The tournament will be conducted under the Swiss system, 5-7 rounds depending on the participation, 2 hours per player per match.

It would be a great honor for us if you could send a team to represent your club. Our organization is pleased to be able to offer full accommodation (including residence and three meals per day) for all four members of your team and two chaperons. In case that more than 6 persons or a second team would like to take part we can secure a reasonable price for accommodation and meals at $120 per person ($15 per day).

We would also like to inform you that during the festival, many other chess events (simultane, blitz, lectures, etc.) as well as cultural events (traditional Cretan night, performances, day trips and more) are planned. Detailed program and finalized tournament schedule will be sent to you once you have declared your participation.

We believe that the “Costas Bouzakis” Chess Festival is a unique opportunity to develop once in a lifetime friendship and collaboration among our athletes and Clubs. We are looking forward to seeing you in August.

P.S: Please respond to our invitation until 15 June 2001 at the fax no: +30 821 54433 or to e-mail:

With chess regards
The Organizing Committee of the 3rd “Costas Bouzakis” Chess Festival