Korinthos '99
Pgn World Viewer in JAVA


Works correctly with Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator in both Windows and Linux.
Click on the game list to see a game.
Click on a move to see it on board.
> shows next move.
< shows previous move.
|< rewinds to the beginning.
>| fast forwards to the end.
REFRESH reloads the pgn file, in case it has changed.

With PGN WORLD VIEWER you can broadcast live games through the internet. Just keep uploading the latest PGN file from the games you are covering, and remind your users to hit refresh every 5-10 minutes.
PGN WORLD VIEWER can be very easily customized.
You can define which pgn file is to be loaded, and you can change the way the pieces look, their size, the background and foreground color.
You can also make the program highlight the last move or the position of the mouse on board and finally you can hide the REFRESH button (if you're not broadcasting live games, you don't really need it).
To use it on your site, email me at andychessgm@yahoo.com or at order@chess.8m.com