Description of the prefecture

The Prefecture of Corinthia is situated in the north - eastern Peloponnese. It covers 2.290 square km and has a population of 142.365 (1991) spread over 6 Municipalities and 117 Communes.Prefecture of Corinthia The number of permanent residents is, however, much higher because of migration in the last 4 years. The terrain is divided into moun-
tainous, semi-mountainous and lowland areas. There are two lakes: Stymfalia in its enchanting setting (its water is fresh, and it has a mythological connection, because it was here that Hercules slew the man eating birds known as the Stymphalides), and Vouliagmeni (Ireo).

The country -side of Corinthia, both mountainous and coastal, is enchanting, and captivates visitors in summer and winter. The climate is temperate. The brilliant sun born and bred in Corinthia because according to mythology, Helios (the Sun), whose wife Ephyra (Corintha), was the king of Akrocorinthos - smiles upon the visitor to Corinthia.


Since 627 B.C. the famous Isthmus (canal) has been the "golden road" to the wise Periander's dreams of organizing Corinthian trade. In terms of tourism, Corinthia is one of the most important Prefectures in the country, because of its interesting sights in their sundrenched settings, its mountainous and coastal countryside, and because, thanks to its location, it serves as a convenient base for tourists visiting nearby places of archaeological or tourist interest (Delphi, Olympia, Epidaurus, Mycenae e.t.c.).

It has the further advantage of being very near Athens, with an excellent road and rail network, so that every year it attracts many of the tourists in Athens who wish to acquaint themselves with one of the most ancient civilizations.Sunset in Ancient Corinthos

Corinthia owes its thriving economy to tourism and trade, and also to agriculture, stock-rearing, crafts and industry.

Under the new system of local government in the Prefecture, it is administered by the elected Mayor of Corinthos Panayiotis Dalaklidis and elected Prefect, Mr. Angelos Manolakis.

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