Ikaros Chess Festival - Aegean Chess Championship 2010



33rd Ikaros Chess Festival 2010
Aegean Open Championship 2010
(13-21 July 2010, Agios Kirykos, Ikaria island, GREECE)



Venue: Athletic Center of Agios Kirykos, Ikaria island , Greece.

13-21 July 2010.

Playing System:
Nine (9) Rounds Accelerated (for the two (2) first rounds) Swiss. FIDE rules apply.

Rate of play:
Ninety (90) minutes plus 30 seconds per move (from move 1) for the completion of the game for each player.



1st Round: Tuesday  13/7   7.00 p.m. 
2nd Round: Wednesday 14/7  7.00 p.m.
3rd Round: Thursday  15/7  11.00 a.m.
4th Round: Thursday  15/7  7.00 p.m.
5th Round: Friday  16/7  7.00 p.m.
Free Day: Saturday 17/7  
6th Round: Sunday  18/7  7.00 p.m.
7th Round: Monday  19/7  7.00 p.m.
8th Round: Tuesday  20/7  7.00 p.m.
9th Round: Wednesday  21/7  11.00 a.m.


(two rounds on Thursday 15/7 (3rd and 4th rounds), free day on Saturday 17/7 due to celebrations for the liberation of Ikaria in Aghios Kirykos)

1. Bucholtz
2. Median Bucholtz
3. Number of wins
4. Sum of progressive scores

Prizes: The prizes will be € 3600 in total and will be shared as follows:

General Standings:   Special Categories:  
1st winner  1000 1st Lady  400
2nd winner  600 2nd Lady  200
3rd winner  300 3rd Lady   140
4th winner 160 4th Lady   80
5th winner 130 5th Lady   30
6th winner 100 1st Veteran  130
7th winner 80 2nd Veteran  80
8th winner 60 3rd Veteran 40
9th winner 40    
10th winner 30    

Important Note 1: The female and veteran players, who are eligible for two money-prizes (general standings and special category), receive both prizes, one from the general standings and one from the special category. Cup prizes and medals will be awarded to all winners of the tournament. Medals will also be awarded to the three best juniors and girls in the categories below 20, 18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 08 years of age.

Important Note 2: The money-prizes are divided according to the Hort system among the players with the same final score. (With Hort system every player gets first 50% of the prizes according to his rank. The other 50% are distributed uniformly within a scoregroup over the players).

Winners of the Aegean Championship:
The first Greek male and female chess players – members of chess clubs in the Aegean region - will be declared the Man and Woman Aegean Champion 2010 respectively.

Entry Fee:
The entry fee for the Aegean Open Championship 2010 is € 50.
This fee does not apply to holders of international titles (GM, IM, FM, WGM, WIM, WFM), chess-players that have already qualified, members of the Ikaria Chess Club and Ikarian chess-players regardless of the club they belong to.

Mediterranean Rapid Team Tournament:
The Mediterranean Rapid Team Tournament will be held on the free day (17th of July 2010) at 11.00 a.m.. It will be 5 round rapid Swiss tournament for 4-member teams. Participation is open to 4-member teams coming from the chess federations of the countries of the Mediterranean Sea, under the condition that for teams coming from federations other than the Greek Chess Federation, all players should belong to the same federation, while for teams with players belonging to the Greek Chess Federation all players should belong to the same club. These conditions are waived in the case that all players of a team have a FIDE rating below 2200 or in the case that all players of a team are below 20 years of age.
Each team consists of four players, in addition one reserve player may be nominated. A provisional naming of the players (i.e. the rank of the players in a team) and the reserve player has to be given together with the registration of the team. Changes in the team can be made until the pairings for the first round. Reserve players are only allowed to play board 4.
Thinking time is set to 15 minutes per player for the completion of the came plus a 5 second increment after each move starting from the first move.
The final ranking is determined based on the number of team points (win = 2 team points, draw = 1 team point, lose = 0 team points). In case of a tie, the first tie-break is the result of the direct encounters among the tied teams (it is applied only in the case when all the tied teams have played each other). The second tie-break is the number of team board points (i.e. the points scored at the individual boards are added up). If further differentiation is needed the ‘Buchholz-Wertung’ is applied.
Money Prizes: 1st Team: € 200, 2nd Team: € 100, 3rd Team: € 60, 4th Team: € 40 Additionally, medals will be awarded to the members of the winner teams.
Additional details about te Mediterranean Rapid Team tournament will be included in a complementary announcement.
Note: As Mediterranean Countries are considered: Albania, Algeria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Greece, Italy, Israel, Lebanon, Libya, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Morocco, Palestine, San Marino, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey.

Participation Fees:
For a limited number of contestants-the ones that have entered their participation for the event by the 30th of June 2010 -the latest- The organizers can offer a special discount price which includes:
1. Accommodation costs (in double room, the food expenses, meals, breakfast etc are Not included)
2. Entry fee.
3. Transportation (by bus) from the Therma and Aghios Kirykos (i.e. the places where participantsreside during the tournament) to the playing venue 30 minutes prior the beginning of each round.
This special price is set at € 250 per person for the period from the 13th until the 21st of July.
Players requesting for some special room conditions or wish to spend some extra days in Ikaria should notify the organizers in advance. Additional fees will be charged according to the conditions requested.
For families (at least 3 members), four-member (at least) club teams, junior players under the age of 20 and natives of the Aegean region a special 15% discount over the normal price applies so the respective price is set to € 210 per person for the period from the 13th until the 21th of July.

Participants who will pay in advance (until 30th of June 2010) will get a 10% discount over the normal price so the respective package price for the period 13th till 21th of July becomes € 225 per person, while those who are eligible for the 15% discount (i.e., families, juniors, club teams, natives) will get an additional 5% discount so, in this case, the respective package price for the period 13th till 21st of July becomes € 200 per person. The amount due should be deposited until the 30th of June 2010 through bank transfer to the account No 077/947995-31 of National Bank of Greece (the account is in the name of Mr. Kosmas Kefalos, ÉÂÁÍ: GR91 0110 0770 0000 0779 4799 531, SWIFT CODE (BIC) ETHNGRAA,). Participants should hold a copy of their deposit receipt (including the name of the participant) and present it to the organization committee upon arrival at Ikaria.
Note 1: The above prices apply also for the accompanying persons, regardless whether they participate or not in the tournament.
Note 2: Participants wishing to pay on-site at Ikaria should pay in cash (no credit cards are accepted)

Conditions to GMs/WGMs, and IMs/WIMs:
For the GMs/WGMs, the IMs/WIMs, and the players that have qualified from preliminary events, the organization committee covers for:

1. Accommodation costs (in double room, the food expenses, meals, breakfast etc are Not included)
2. Entry fee.
3. Transportation (by bus) from Therma and Aghios Kirykos (i.e. the places where participantsreside during the tournament) to the playing venue 30 minutes prior the beginning of each round.
Additionally GMs and WGMs will receive € 2 (two euros) for every rating point above 2400 (based on FIDE rating list of July 2009).

Contact Information:
For more information please contact Mr. Ulysses Vazelakis by e-mail at: ikaroschess@gmail.com
Or contact: Mr. Dimitris Kapagiannidis at: (++30) 6947-829772 or
Mrs. Antzela Shiaka at: (++30) 6977-730286
For possible updates and additional information concerning the Ikaros Chess Festival 2010, and the island of Ikaria, you can also visit: http://www.chess.gr/ikaros  and http://www.island-ikaria.com