:: EUROPEAN CLUB CUP, 22-28 September 2002, Kallithea, Chalkidiki - Greece

Bosna Sarajevo is the Champion of Europe!
The team of Bosna won the title with only half a point difference

Norilsky Nikel stops NAO Chess Club on the way to the conquest of the title of the European Champion!

TOP 5: 1 BOSNA Sarajevo BIH 12, 2 "Norilsky Nikel" (Norilsk) RUS  12, 3 Polonia Plus GSM Warsaw POL  11,  4 NAO Chess Club FRA 11, 5 Danko Donbass UKR 10

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Great success for Christodoulos Banikas (on the left). He drew against Vassily Ivanchuk in the 1st board of D.E.I. G-Hotels. Judit Polgar (on the right) she drew against Slavoljub Marjanovic of D.E.I. G-Hotels in second board.

Chess Academy of D.E.I.Northern Greece

Round 1, 22.09.2002
BOSNA Sarajevo - Chess Academy of D.E.I.Northern Greece 5,0-1,0
Round 2, 23.09.2002
Chess Academy of D.E.I.Northern Greece - Hellir Chess Club 4,5-1,5
Round 3, 24.09.2002
Chess Academy of D.E.I.Northern Greece - NSK-SZ Rafinerija - Novi Sad 3,5-2,5
Round 4, 25.09.2002
Polonia Plus GSM Warsaw - Chess Academy of D.E.I.Northern Greece 4,5-1,5
ROUND 5, 26.09.2002
Hapoel “Cellcom” Kfar-Sava - Chess Academy of D.E.I.Northern Greece 1,5-4,5
ROUND 6, 27.09.2002
Chess Academy of D.E.I. Northern Greece - Danko Donbass 2-4
Round 7, 28.09.2002
SK Merkur Versicherung - Chess Academy of D.E.I.Northern Greece 2-4


The greatest chess event of the year in our country is ready to begin. The elite of World Chess -over 300 players- will meet to fight for their team in Athos Hotel of Kallithea, Halkidiki.
The seven rounds of the Cup will be seven fierce battles among the top chess teams of Europe for the pursue of the Champion's title.

Kramnik (his participation uncertain) is playing along with Svidler, Grischouk, Lautier, Bacrot, Fressinet, Nataf, and Horvath for the French NAO Chess Club.
Shirov represents Bosna Sarajevo along with Adams, Sokolov, Georgiev K., Movsessian, and Radjabov.
Azmaiparashvilli with Nikolic, Yemelin, and Lputian are playing for Kiseljak, Ivanchuk with Polgar, Kransekow, and Rozentalis for Polonia.
Bareev with Dreev, Malakhov, Svjagincev, Rustemov, and Dolmatov for last year's Champion Norilsky Nikel, the ex World Champion Khalifman with Akopian, Rublevsky, Ibragimov, and Baklan for the Russian Ladia-Kazan.
EUROPEAN CLUB CHESS CUP 2002, 22.09-28.09.2002, HALKIDIKI - GREECEThe veteran Korchnoi with Volkov, Popov, and Sakaev for the team of Saint Petersburg,  Timoscenko for the Slovenic Corpora Lipovek, Van Wely for the French Clichy, and a lot of other famous grand masters and strong chess players.

Greece is represented by the team of DEI Chess Academy G-Hotels with the participations of Banikas, Tzermiadianos, Marjanovic, Karayiannis, Papadopoulou V., Pinchuk. Also, the participation of the brothers Mastrovassilis A. and D. make the Greek team even stronger.

The games start every day at 14:00. There will be live transmission of 6 games by Chess.GR (http://www.chess.gr) and its new server ChessWorld.Info (http://ecc02.chessworld.info). Also, in the relevant pages there will be all the results, photos, interviews, etc.

The organizers of the event are DEI Chess Academy G-Hotels, the Greek Chess Federation, and the European Chess Union. The event is under the auspices of the Ministries of Culture and Macedonia-Thrace, and the General Secretariat of Sports.

The sponsors of the games are the G-Hotels Complex, and the Institute of Athletic Research and Education. The communication sponsors are Alpha TV, Alpha Radio Polis 96.5 FM, and the webserver chess.gr.

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